How to play Series tournaments

How to play Series tournaments

How should Carnival Series tournaments be played to maximize the chances of getting to the bottom ? Let’s see immediately distinguishing between the various stages of the tournaments.

Initial phase

At the beginning of the tournaments, with very deep stacks , the advice is to try to get into many hands when you have a favorable position , hoping to tie well on the flop to take away the whole stack from the opponents.

In addition to all the broadways and valuable hands , in this phase you must play all the pairs and suited connectors , even one- or two-gap (i.e. connectors like 9-7s and 9-6s): already from the flop you can understand whether to abandon the hand or whether to continue, always keeping in mind odds and probabilities .

The number of pots to enter must be proportional to your skills and confidence in postflop play: if you don’t feel so confident, you better stick to tight play. However, it is very important not to compromise survival : in this phase a doubling or even a 3-up does not significantly change the probability of winning because the tournament is still very long !

Intermediate phase

When the blinds and antes start to become a substantial part of the stacks at the table, the advice is to attack deadmoney , or try to steal the blinds especially when we are in position and no one before us has opened .

Obviously this indication should always be included in the contingent situation : if on the left you have players who tribble or flatt a lot, or who never give up from the blinds, you can also narrow the opening range of unopened pots, especially if you don’t want to complicate your life too much. in the postflop .

In this phase, however, it is very important to attack in the bubble zone those players who give the idea of ​​having pulled the hand brake to go to the money: increasing the stack now will give countless benefits in the rest of the tournament.

Final stage

As we get closer to the prizes that matter, we need to start thinking in terms of the expectation of monetary win , not just in chips .

If you see any opponent fearful of the payout , or who just seem to want to ‘jackpot’ positions to the sound of fold , attack them like there is no tomorrow.

In general, this is the phase in which to apply the most pressure , even forcing bluffs, because the weight of the ICM becomes a boulder !